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Visits & Reviews

Highly Instagrammable, Templation Angkor Resort inspires great photos and leaves fond memories to our visitors.

  • Melia Cstn & Floating Breakfast

    Templation floating breakfast in your private pool remains a big hit!
  • Grantourismo: "Just 10 minutes to Angkor Wat"

    "The chic, low-rise boutique resort is set amidst sprawling lawns. Enormous swimming pool, excellent restaurant, a library devoted to Angkor history."
  • Kanhchna Chet ចិត្ត កញ្ចនា : Temples, Trends and Templation

    Singer and influencher Kanhchna appreciates staying at Templation when visiting SIem Reap!
  • RaksaKoma Foundation

    ឆ្លៀតពេលចេញពីស្ទោង មកសៀមរាប ដើម្បីទទួលថវិកាឧបត្ថម្ភពីបវរកញ្ញាប៊េលហ្សិក (Miss Belgium) 2023 ដល់ មូលនិធិ រក្សាកុមារ - Raksa Koma Foundation
  • Wonderlicious by Adriana

    Templation Angkor Resort, "ideal place for a romantic retreat; we agreed it's one of the best hotels we've ever stayed in."
  • An Architect’s Dream

    "The lush gardens seem part of the jungle...The best place to stay in Siem Reap, as close to the temples as possible".
  • An Architectural Wonder

    Presentation of Templation by Home s-Art, a Cambodian video magazine on architecture design (in Khmer).
  • WayfarerFootprints

    "They really know how to make your stay extra special. So close to the temples, a private, authentic experience that also offers great value."
  • Going Places

    "What will travel look like after Covid-19?" Templation answers.
  • Khmer Times

    Glamping stays, green solutions, online library on Khmer ancient civilization, and the many projects of Templation Angkor Resort in social responsibility.
  • Love In My Belly

    From temples to beaches, a Cambodian adventure starting at Templation, replete with culinary and travel tips.
  • GirlWanderList

    "If you go to Southeast Asia and don’t shower outside, did you even go to Southeast Asia?"
  • Travel Pulse/Lauren Breedlove

    A photo journey through the wonders of Cambodia...including Templation Hotel!
  • Vancouver Sun

    "The Wonder of Angkor explored from a one-of-a-kind hotel".
  • 旅行厨男

  • Forbes

    'Ten reasons to visit Cambodia'...including the floating breakfast at Templation
  • Bloomberg BusinessWeek

    Insider take on Siem Reap
  • JQLouise

    "Staying at Templation for a perfect Angkor trip"
  • Luxury Travel Magazine

    "Luxury, yes, but in complete harmony with the cultural environment".
  • Gabi Luthai

    Brazilian indie music star Gabi Luthai discovers Siem Reap and Angkor, starting with Templation.
  • A Foreigner Abroad

    "A world of serenity at the gates of Angkor"
  • spacesXplaces

    "Architectural wonderland a few minutes from Angkor Wat"
  • TheDesignCollectors

    "A designer-dream hotel in Siem Reap"
  • Le Concierge Orient

    "Most alluring resorts near Angkor Wat World Heritage Site"
  • Clara/FashionVernissage

    "Our own pool villa with top-notch hotel services" (in German)
  • SimonSava.Com

    ¨An oasis at the gates of Angkor. One a kind"
  • ThatOneAdventureCouple

    'Staying at Templation, part of the best way to explore Angkor.'
  • HUG Magazine

    'Inspired architecture, innovative cuisine.' (in French)

    HUG25 TEMPLATION (.pdf, 564.877 KB)
  • 桃子爱旅行呀

  • La Màdia TravelFood

    Italian foodie Luigi wanders through Cambodia...and stays at Templation

    Lamadiatravelfoodcamb (.pdf, 634.646 KB)
  • Tu Ambiente Mexico

    From Angkor (and Templation) to the island beaches, an exceptional Cambodia travelogue. (in Spanish)

    "Templation stands out brilliantly through minimalist yet inviting designs, sustainable low energy solutions and the warmth of the personnel".
  • Vegan Vibes

    Templation among the most delicious vegan destinations in South East Asia
  • Vegan Food Quest

    "Beautiful presentation and delicious local flavours"
  • Vivi&Oli KidsFashion Blog

    'Our peaceful mornings at Templation, then the extraordinary days in breathtaking Angkor Temples have made us surely want to return to Cambodia!'
  • Partiu Por El Mundo

    ¨Nature-integrated bathrooms"
  • 10 Luxury Hotels near Angkor March 2018 selection of the top ten luxury hotels in Siem Reap
  • The London Thing

    "Stands out of all Siem Reap hotels with its minimalism and rich green vegetation"
  • Making It Happen Vlog/Nelly's Life

    'Crazy luxury villa!": staying at Templation, August 2017
  • The Royal House of Cambodia Book

    First public presentation of Julio A. Jeldres'; major book on the Cambodia royals
  • *HUG* Magazine France

    'Une expérience plus qu´un hôtel' (A whole experience more than a hotel).

    Templation CAMBODGE (.pdf, 461.532 KB)
  • My Wild Escapes

    "Don';t want to leave this place..."
  • Globetrotter Moments

    "Großzügige, wundervoll begrünte Anlage und riesigen Zimmer"
  • Ideal magazine UK

    "Atmosphere and décor channeling the spirituality of the temples and escapism of the jungle."
  • DG Travel Cambodia Vlog

    "Paradiso" (in Italian)
  • Once in a Lifetime Journey

    "The closest hotel to Angkor Wat"
  • Telegraph Travel UK

    9/10 in the Best Hotels in Siem Reap ranking
  • Suzy/KraveTheWorld

    Complete serenity with the Khmer temples nearby
  • ThisGirlAbroad

    "Understated luxury" -- By Foodie & Traveler Michelle from Hong Kong
  • Another Life is Possible at Templation

    "Oasis of calm, silence and beauty"
  • Amanda/PrefiroViajar

    Ânsia de Viver, Templation Angkor (A Brazilian view)
  • Radha/OnFlightMode Blog

    "Eco-luxury Paradise"
  • Latest on Tripadvisor

    From all around the world, reviews and testimonials...and we learn from critical comments, too!
  • PrettyBrownNomad

    "Not just a hotel, a whole experience"
  • The Storyteller Travel Blog

    The place in Siem Reap for wandering digital nomads willing to stay connected in style
  • Khmer Bird Travel Blog

    #2 Ten Best Hotels in Siem Reap
  • Strawberry Brunette Travel Blog

    All the privacy in the world
  • Fort Lauderdale Magazine

    Templation, a must-do stopover in this Cambodia tour
  • Cait + Tiff

    A luscious weekend in Siem Reap for harried Phnom Penhers