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  • Melia Cstn & Floating Breakfast

    Templation floating breakfast in your private pool remains a big hit!
  • Grantourismo: "Just 10 minutes to Angkor Wat"

    "The chic, low-rise boutique resort is set amidst sprawling lawns. Enormous swimming...
  • Kanhchna Chet ចិត្ត កញ្ចនា : Temples, Trends and Templation

    Singer and influencher Kanhchna appreciates staying at Templation when visiting SIem Reap!
  • RaksaKoma Foundation

    ឆ្លៀតពេលចេញពីស្ទោង មកសៀមរាប ដើម្បីទទួលថវិកាឧបត្ថម្ភពីបវរកញ្ញាប៊េលហ្សិក (Miss Belgium) 2023 ដល់ មូលនិធិ រក្សាកុមារ - Raksa Koma Foundation
  • Wonderlicious by Adriana

    Templation Angkor Resort, "ideal place for a romantic retreat; we agreed it's...
  • An Architect’s Dream

    "The lush gardens seem part of the jungle...The best place to stay...
  • An Architectural Wonder

    Presentation of Templation by Home s-Art, a Cambodian video magazine on architecture...
  • WayfarerFootprints

    "They really know how to make your stay extra special. So close...
  • Latest Influencer Posts

    A highly Instagrammable resort at the gates of Angkor.
  • Going Places

    "What will travel look like after Covid-19?" Templation answers.
  • Khmer Times

    Glamping stays, green solutions, online library on Khmer ancient civilization, and the...
  • Love In My Belly

    From temples to beaches, a Cambodian adventure starting at Templation, replete with...
  • GirlWanderList

    "If you go to Southeast Asia and don’t shower outside, did you...
  • Travel Pulse/Lauren Breedlove

    A photo journey through the wonders of Cambodia...including Templation Hotel!
  • Vancouver Sun

    "The Wonder of Angkor explored from a one-of-a-kind hotel".
  • 旅行厨男

  • Forbes

    'Ten reasons to visit Cambodia'...including the floating breakfast at Templation
  • Bloomberg BusinessWeek

    Insider take on Siem Reap
  • JQLouise

    "Staying at Templation for a perfect Angkor trip"
  • Luxury Travel Magazine

    "Luxury, yes, but in complete harmony with the cultural environment".
  • Gabi Luthai

    Brazilian indie music star Gabi Luthai discovers Siem Reap and Angkor, starting...
  • A Foreigner Abroad

    "A world of serenity at the gates of Angkor"
  • spacesXplaces

    "Architectural wonderland a few minutes from Angkor Wat"
  • TheDesignCollectors

    "A designer-dream hotel in Siem Reap"
  • Le Concierge Orient

    "Most alluring resorts near Angkor Wat World Heritage Site"
  • Clara/FashionVernissage

    "Our own pool villa with top-notch hotel services" (in German)
  • SimonSava.Com

    ¨An oasis at the gates of Angkor. One a kind"
  • ThatOneAdventureCouple

    'Staying at Templation, part of the best way to explore Angkor.'
  • HUG Magazine

    'Inspired architecture, innovative cuisine.' (in French)

    HUG25 TEMPLATION (.pdf, 564.877 KB)
  • 桃子爱旅行呀

  • La Màdia TravelFood

    Italian foodie Luigi wanders through Cambodia...and stays at Templation

    Lamadiatravelfoodcamb (.pdf, 634.646 KB)
  • Tu Ambiente Mexico

    From Angkor (and Templation) to the island beaches, an exceptional Cambodia travelogue...

    "Templation stands out brilliantly through minimalist yet inviting designs, sustainable low energy...
  • Vegan Vibes

    Templation among the most delicious vegan destinations in South East Asia
  • Vegan Food Quest

    "Beautiful presentation and delicious local flavours"
  • Vivi&Oli KidsFashion Blog

    'Our peaceful mornings at Templation, then the extraordinary days in breathtaking Angkor...
  • Partiu Por El Mundo

    ¨Nature-integrated bathrooms"
  • 10 Luxury Hotels near Angkor March 2018 selection of the top ten luxury hotels in Siem...
  • The London Thing

    "Stands out of all Siem Reap hotels with its minimalism and rich...
  • Making It Happen Vlog/Nelly's Life

    'Crazy luxury villa!": staying at Templation, August 2017
  • The Royal House of Cambodia Book

    First public presentation of Julio A. Jeldres'; major book on the Cambodia...
  • *HUG* Magazine France

    'Une expérience plus qu´un hôtel' (A whole experience more than a hotel)...

    Templation CAMBODGE (.pdf, 461.532 KB)
  • My Wild Escapes

    "Don';t want to leave this place..."
  • Globetrotter Moments

    "Großzügige, wundervoll begrünte Anlage und riesigen Zimmer"
  • Ideal magazine UK

    "Atmosphere and décor channeling the spirituality of the temples and escapism of...
  • DG Travel Cambodia Vlog

    "Paradiso" (in Italian)
  • Once in a Lifetime Journey

    "The closest hotel to Angkor Wat"
  • Telegraph Travel UK

    9/10 in the Best Hotels in Siem Reap ranking
  • Suzy/KraveTheWorld

    Complete serenity with the Khmer temples nearby
  • ThisGirlAbroad

    "Understated luxury" -- By Foodie & Traveler Michelle from Hong Kong...
  • Another Life is Possible at Templation

    "Oasis of calm, silence and beauty"
  • Amanda/PrefiroViajar

    Ânsia de Viver, Templation Angkor (A Brazilian view)
  • Radha/OnFlightMode Blog

    "Eco-luxury Paradise"
  • Latest on Tripadvisor

    From all around the world, reviews and testimonials...and we learn from critical...
  • PrettyBrownNomad

    "Not just a hotel, a whole experience"
  • The Storyteller Travel Blog

    The place in Siem Reap for wandering digital nomads willing to stay...
  • Khmer Bird Travel Blog

    #2 Ten Best Hotels in Siem Reap
  • Strawberry Brunette Travel Blog

    All the privacy in the world
  • Fort Lauderdale Magazine

    Templation, a must-do stopover in this Cambodia tour
  • Cait + Tiff

    A luscious weekend in Siem Reap for harried Phnom Penhers