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Since 2017, Templation Angkor Resort has been innovating on architectural design, clean energy solutions and community involvement. Serenity by the temples, streamlined luxury, resolutely green concept among a natural sanctuary.

Water and flora have been the inspiration behind all our projects starting from the opening of our first hotel in Phnom Penh, in 2006. When we discovered the grounds on which we would eventually build Templation, we were immediately inspired by that pocket of untamed nature in a quiet residential area. Architects Ivan Tizianel and Lisa Ros from ASMA designed the space as a modern echo of the waterways and reservoirs that once nurtured the ancient city of Angkor.

We just cleared off the dense underbrush, preserving the native trees and plants. Villas, pools and common areas have been carefully devised to blend with the land that made such an impression on us, preparing the visitor to the serene beauty of the Khmer temples.

With vegetal roofs, volumes designed to enhance the natural airflow, solar panels directly connected to its electric grid and careful collection of rainwater, Templation is serenely pursuing a green hotel concept. These environment-conscious choices discreetly add to the sense of harmony with nature, of respect and admiration for the historical legacy of the Khmer Temples nearby.

Our team actively contribute to reforestation programs in Siem Reap area, to the development of organic farming, and to a better knowlege of Cambodia's cultural heritage.

  • IMG 20200624 WA0000

    Architectural Serenity

    An interview with chief architect Ivan Tizianel: a new concept of architectured hospitality combiining privacy and open spaces.

  • Poweroflife

    Power of Life 2018

    Art show by Chhan Dina and Tatakazu Yamada, with a Sacred Dancers of Angkor unique performance .

  • Templation Hotel Solar Panels 004

    Going Greener in Siem Reap

    Pioneer in the Cambodian hotel industry for direct collection and use of solar energy, Templation keeps exploring eco-friendly avenues.

  • SA700789

    Water Festival 2021

    A serene celebration of water, floating lights and the New Moon

  • Tpl ecofriendly chart cover082023

    Our EcoFriendly Committment Chart

    We are committed to make your resort always more environment-friendly. Find how in this chart.

  • Solange brand templation mbbaty 1

    Angkor 1968 by Solange Brand: November 2023 Photo Exhibition

    Angkor lovers, temple specialists and photography buffs converged to our first art show since Covid. The fragile and lasting beauty of Khmer architecture…

  • Tpl TRVLDIARY 042024

    TRVL DIARY/Verena

    "Not only a visually stunning place to stay, but it was also planned with the environment in mind."
  • Screenshot 2024 04 17 121504

    Uncharted Territories, ep. 1

    "Rum and Travel Adventure" across Cambodia on the sugar cane and craftmanship track, with a stopover at Templation (39 m., Rare Spirits Society)
  • Templation Eco Pool Villas Siem Reap the yum list 2024

    The Yum List

    All rooms "are equipped with separate bathrooms and outdoor showers. I love showering in the great outdoors in the tropics."
  • FB IMG 1633675181333

    Grantourismo: "Just 10 minutes to Angkor Wat"

    "The chic, low-rise boutique resort is set amidst sprawling lawns. Enormous swimming pool, excellent restaurant, a library devoted to Angkor history."
  • Tpl melia 082023

    Melia Cstn & Floating Breakfast

    Templation floating breakfast in your private pool remains a big hit!
  • Tpl wonderlicious 062023

    Wonderlicious by Adriana

    Templation Angkor Resort, "ideal place for a romantic retreat; we agreed it's one of the best hotels we've ever stayed in."
  • Tripadvisor Traveler's Choice Award 2024
  • Booking/com Traveler Review Award 2024