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What to do in and around Siem Reap

  • Angkorbotanicalgardenfeb202300

    សួនរុក្ខជាតិអង្គរ-Angkor Botanical Garden

    Stroll amongst the luxuriant diversity of Cambodian flora, discover more about the bounties of Nature.

  • Templationsiemreap 130155192 128785285578766 8704654246447876268 n

    Yoga & Meditation

    Every Saturday, welcome the rising sun over our lake-like main swimming pool. Yoga sessions ae led by qualified instructors from Azahar Foundation Cambodia.

  • Srahsrang22

    Sra Srang Village House

    An enriching pause in your visit to Angkor Temples

  • Royalarcheryclub1

    Royal Archery Club

    Fun and fitness, as well as rekindling the ancient art of archery: visit the Royal Archery Club in Siem Reap.

  • Ccc2

    Cycling by the Temples

    The Siem Reap Cycling Community Club (ក្លឹបអ្នកជិះកង់ដើម្បីសហគមន៍) allows to join other biking buff and to contribute to local community programs.

  • Visit temples1
    by @shewandersabroad

    Temples at your Tempo

    An absolute must, that's why you're here right.

  • Kulen elephant forest4

    Kulen Elephant Forest

    Among acres and acres of shrubbery and forest, an unforgettable moment with the gentle giants peacefully living their lives in their natural environment.

  • Blue tailed Bee eater Phnom Kroam Mony Sang sam veasna conservation tour

    Bird-Watching with Sam Veasna Conservation Tours

    Birds of Cambodia, a fascinating universe in need of preservation.