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សួនរុក្ខជាតិអង្គរ-Angkor Botanical Garden

Stroll amongst the luxuriant diversity of Cambodian flora, discover more about the bounties of Nature.

A few steps from your resort on the way to Angkor, 4 hectares of gardens and ponds showcase the stunning richness of Cambodia's tropical flora.

  • Detailed area map with botanical families and species.
  • Birds, rabbits, tortoises havens.
  • Activities for kids and grown-ups.
  • Indoor and outdoor café offering healthy drinks and snacks.
  • More information here (An initiative by APSARA Authority-ANA).

Since February 2024, a pathway through the forest links directly the Botanical Gardens to Angkor Wat. A highly enjoyable and easy walk far from road traffic. Duration: 35 minutes.